1-Hour Weekly Sessions

2019 Pricing


Common Areas of Interest 
Weight Loss, Diet - Whole-Food Plant-Based Centric (but not exclusive)
Reclaiming Peace, Improving Health, Habit Abatement, Personal & Career Evolution
Alternative Modalities Include
​Guided Meditation, Guided Visualization, Breath Work, Unwinding, Shiatsu, Vision Boards

4-Hour Intensive

Suzanne Copleston | PO Box 1201 Jensen Beach FL 34958 US | 772.418.9888

15-Minute Initial Consultation: Complimentary $0

(1) One-Hour Session: $60

(1) Four-Hour Intensive: $220

(1) 1.5 Hour Shiatsu: $120

(1) One-Hour Session: $45

(1) Four-Hour Intensive: $180

One-on-One Hourly Sessions every week or every other week - in person, via phone or Skype.

Initial Meeting: Explore and define areas to address. Determine whether coaching is a good fit for you.

15-Minute Consultation

One-on-One 4-Hour Session (an afternoon or evening) - in person, via phone or Skype.